Beauty Test

I want to try Mary Kay and NuSkin products since I read a lot of good feedbacks with regards to the two brands. I also check reviews from different forums.

Anyone here can share some feedbacks with regards to most effective item? I know their products were a bit expensive so I want to make I’m not gonna waste my money.

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Fashionable Nursing Uniforms & Hats

Yesterday when I got home I received good news from my sister. Finally she was hired as a company nurse in a well known company. She’s been unemployed for more than three months due to number of nursing applicants looking for jobs. She’s very excited on her first working day and now she’s preparing for her nursing uniforms.

While I was surfing the net I glance at a website full fashionable and unqiue dental uniform or dental scrubs. I thought it was just uniforms for dentist but I’m wrong. They have wide selection of different kinds of uniforms suited for doctors, nurses, surgeons, dentists, veterinarians, and other medical professionals. I immediately called my sister to take a look for the uniforms and she browses the selection. She fell in love with 100 cotton scrubs or all cotton scrubs which we seldom seen in local stores. They have cotton, disposable and vintage collection pony hats to choose from. We never seen any hat such a sleek, chic, fashion-forward like these.

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Please. Help

I need a blogger with a kind heart that is willingly to accept me to his / her online family. I need a new space for my Project 101 >> Travel Blog.

Currently my blog sites were hosted by Dre (onewickedsoul) and Pat (Luved) and I’m lucky that inspite of my business’ they still give me the space.

And now I want to start a new blog concentrating with my travels. This may also help first time travellers to that certain place as I will share all the details for every trip. So please please please if you have extra space can you please accept me? I’m willing to help with your hosting payment =D

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